Wellington Mariano

Assembly of God pastor (Brazil), specialist in Theological Studies,

Author of

  • What is Arminian Theology?

Translator of Arminian Theology:

  • Myths and Realities, Against Calvinism and Arminianism FAQ by Roger Olson,
  • Why I am not a Calvinist, by Jerry Walls and Joseph Dongell
  • Young, Restless, no Longer Reformed, by Austin Fischer
  • Arminius – A Study in the Dutch Reformation by Carl Bangs
  • Man’s Faith and Freedom by Gerald McCulloh.

Jerry Walls’ interpreter of eight out of the nine lectures presented in Brazil in August 2015.

Email: wellingtonmariano@gmail.com

Article “Brazilian interest in Arminianism. Recent developments” (aug. 2015) to be found here.